Ukie Student Game Jam 2016

Ukie student game jam as been a competition where I get a chance to show what I can do so I join in with a group of student to create a mobile game called “UrTopia” which is based on the theme utopia that was given by the organizers. the game jam competition in which a game most be created within a span of 48 hours with other universities in London.

UrTopia is a mobile game, your objective is to protect the earth from meteorites that are falling towards it by swiping or using a meteor to destroy another meteor, the earth has a health bar and if the earth health goes down from taking damage you will lose the game, the game rewards you every time you swiping or destroy a meteorites that are heading towards the earth and to more you do so the more point to gain and can be spent buying items to protect the earth.

My role for this project was a 3D artist.